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Hi! I’m Janet. 

I’ve not always thought of myself as a teacher.

In fact, four years ago, after sitting  across from a tarot card reader (yes, a tarot card reader-) who proclaimed, ‘…you will teach many people in the years to come..’ ,  I walked away, thinking, “Well, that’s interesting, but how could I ever be anything other than what I am, right now, (a full-time artist)? How could teaching possibly become a part of my already-full days?”.

Two months later, much to my surprisjanet bright artist canadian artist art instructione, I found myself telling a table full of strangers I had embarked on a writing project, to create a book for ‘non-artists’, about the basics of painti

With a clear personal directve, that all any of us needs to ‘be an artist’, is an awareness of our own creativity and the encouragement to learn more, my one book writing project grew, and today, I’m thrilled to finally share HOW TO PAINT WITH ACRYLICS FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, with educators like yourself, (and with the world!)

FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, is a series of 4 books and 20 short videos of clear, concise, and straight-forward learning for all ages. Presented in the series, is information and encouragement about the supplies, skills and creative thinking you need to get that first stroke of paint on the canvas, and keep you coming back for more.

If you’re a new art teacher, have been assigned to teach an art class and need resource or assistance, or if you are an absolute art beginner, HOW TO PAINT WITH ACRYLICS is just what you need to get started in your new role as artist and art teacher-

After all the time this project has spent in development, I’m seeking every opportunity to engage with teachers, artists and ‘non-artists’ in a more active way, through conversation, guest blog posting, linking, and collaboration. I would like to work with you!

My own art is influenced by art, architecture and film training and I love what I do. 

When not painting, I’m most often at the computer, editing photos or video for digital art projects (my second passion), or I’m writing in a beat-up notebook at the corner coffee shop. 

I love to hike & travel and am working desperately to improve my Italian language skills (still holding at 16% fluency). 

I am so looking  forward to hearing about your art experiences and seeing what you create!  Send images of your work (really!) and I’ll reply with  feedback if you’d like. 

Contact me at paint @ acrylicmuse.com and see my work at www.collectedworks.gallery

Paint. Be Inspired. Paint. Paint. Paint. 


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