Art Supplies for Acrylic Painting

ART SUPPLIES / art board, canvas, paper

What art supplies do I need?

Should I use art board, stretched canvas, or paper when learning to paint?

My answer, clear and simple is, USE THEM ALL! 

Beginners in art & painting often surmise that the only way to produce a 'real' piece of art, is to create a masterpiece on canvas. This is verifiably untrue and if you've been led to believe it, it’s time to think again!

Canadian artist, Emily Carr created her  early works on paper bags; Jackson Pollock painted with ashes; early Pompeiian artists painted on plaster in the first century A.D., and fabrics and textiles from thousands of years past, remain today. 

These artists created with easily accessible materials that inspired them to create when the urge struck. And we can do the same.

Creativity, experimentation & genius must not be confined by the materials we do- or don't - have. And any moment of inspired genius, whether captured on art board, stretched canvas, or paper, is priceless.


To learn more about the pros and cons of using art board, stretched canvas and paper for your painting projects, check out "How To Paint with Acrylics Handbook for the Absolute Beginner", and see how they're used, with "How to Paint with Acrylics Lessons for the Absolute Beginner". Both books are available through acrylicmuse, on Amazon and at Teachers Pay Teachers. 


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