Breaking the Rules / Video

Breaking the Rules

A short Video / 1 min 25 sec

why do you want to paint video on teachers pay teachers learning art janet bright breaking the rules
It’s easy to get caught up in the dos and don’ts of painting, especially when you’re first learning.
Sometimes just knowing you can (and should) break the rules gives you the freedom to relax and finally get
down to the business of creating.
Watch this 1.24 minute video and know this:
if there’s one thing you absolutely must do this week, it’s Break the Rules!
You can definitely do this. Click here to watch-
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New VIDEO on Teachers Pay Teachers

New Video Post on Teachers Pay Teachers:

LESSON VIDEO #2: Mixing & Applying Paint

mixing and applying paint how to paint with acrylics on teachers pay teachers janet bright acrylic muse

If you’re a new art teacher or absolute art beginner, here’s what you need to know to start painting-

Mixing & Applying Paint LESSON #2 takes you through the basics of mixing techniques, with a brief discussion of colour ratios and managing paint thickness.

This 4.02 minute video can be used on its own or as support material for the e-books, ‘How to Paint with Acrylics LESSONS for the Absolute Beginner‘ and ‘How to Paint with Acrylics HANDBOOK for the Absolute Beginner‘, also available on this site.

Bite-sized lessons for accessible and efficient learning.

Suitable for curious students age 13-113.

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AcrylicMuse & TeachersPayTeachers

AcrylicMuse & TeachersPayTeachers

acrylicmuse teacherspayteachershow to paint with acrylics acrylic paintingHow to Paint with Acrylics videos and ebooks are now available online at TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS! Conveniently presented in bite-sized sections, How to Paint with Acrylics lessons are affordable and accessible to teachers and students around the world.

Check out my store ArtSpace at for available products- with more on the way.

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