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how to paint with acrylics handbook for the absolute beginner learn to paint art

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Creating art teaches us to focus on details and requires that we pay careful attention to our surroundings. When we create, we see the world from a new perspective and boost creativity in all aspects of our lives.

How to Paint with Acrylics HANDBOOK for the Absolute Beginner is an overview of the Absolute Basics you need to start painting today, with Clear Concept Descriptions, Photos, Diagrams, Illustrations, Terms & Definitions and Ideas to help you become the artist you’ve always dreamed you could be.

Read How to Paint with Acrylics HANDBOOK for the Absolute Beginner in conjunction with How to Paint with Acrylics LESSONS for the Absolute Beginner, also by J. Bright and get ready to create.

buy now at amazon sketches doodles and notes about nothing everything and art

You can read this book on any device; phone, laptop or tablet. All you need is the Kindle App. Get it here:  for Android and here: for Apple

HANDBOOK Table of Contents

1. Welcome
2. There are Painters Who Transform the Sun..
3. Paint Basics
.  Acrylic Paints
4. Paint Quality
. What’s Best for the Beginner
. The Value of High Quality Paints
. The Value of Student Quality Paints
5. Paint Brushes
. The Parts of a Brush
. Shapes & Uses
. Bristle & Handle Types
. Brushes for the Beginner
. Caring for Brushes
6. Painting Surfaces
7. Other Supplies for Painting
8. Space Requirements
9. Colour
. Colour from Light
. Colour Pigments
. Organizing Colour
. Relativity of Colour
. Terms & Definitions
10. Layout & Composition
. The Visual Weight of Colour
. The Visual Weight of Objects
. The Rule of Thirds
. Distance & 3-Dimensionality
. Terms & Definitions

Paint! Be inspired. Paint. Paint. Paint

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