About Paints: An Excerpt from How to Paint with Acrylics HANDBOOK for the Absolute Beginner)

how to paint with acrylics handbook for the absolute beginner learn to paint art…PAINT QUALITY

What’s Best for the Beginner?

When you arrive at any art store you may be overwhelmed with the selection of acrylic paints on the shelf, where you will find multiple brands of varying quality.

Which type of paint is best for you?

As a beginner, you can ‘invest’ in highest grade, best quality (most expensive) paints or you can develop a collection of more affordable, lower quality paints.

Consider the pros and cons of each type of paint and make your own decision about what’s right for you…

My own first collection of paints was a set of dried and crumbling watercolour pucks in a plastic tray and a stiff acrylic-handle brush.

about paints excerpt from How to Paint with Acrylics HANDBOOK for the Absolute Beginner what's best for the beginner
I used them every Saturday morning as I sat in front of the TV watching ‘How to Paint with Oils’.

Each lesson was a struggle as I tried (unsuccessfully) to emulate the professional oils artist on television; my watery paints creating no more than disappointing washed out, wrinkly images on newsprint that looked nothing like the painting on TV.

I did keep at it however, and I think now, how remarkable it would have been to have started with even the lowest grade of today’s acrylic paints…


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