Art for Your Classroom / Lesson #9: Shadow & Highlight

Are you planning your back-to-school calendar and need to include art in your program?

acrylic muse lesson 9 shadow highlight art for your classroom

Acrylic Muse wants to be the resident artist in your classroom!

Check out ” LESSON #9: Shadow & Highlight ” on Teachers Pay Teachers at

And have a great year!


Teachers Pay Teachers Art Space videos are for the absolute art beginner.

LESSON #9: Shadow & Highlight (also known as ‘Painting the Black & White Egg’), shows you how to use shadow and highlight to create depth in your work.

This 8:12 minute video will walk you through the process of carefully observing a subject and translating what you see on to paper.

Includes discussion about the importance of being bold with your paints and illustrates how to transition from dark to lighter colours.

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Get Started!

paint lessons for beginners painting basics acrylic muse learn to paint

We don’t expect ourselves to know how to bake a cake without a recipe.

So why do we expect ourselves to know how to paint without a recipe?

It is completely (definitely!) possible to Learn to Paint! by following a recipe and taking a class. No Experience Necessary.

How to Paint with Acrylics at is an online painting course where it’s all about the basics; supplies, skills and creative thinking for the most beginner of beginners.

Get that first stroke of paint on the canvas today!

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