Art for Your Classroom / Lesson #9: Shadow & Highlight

Are you planning your back-to-school calendar and need to include art in your program?

acrylic muse lesson 9 shadow highlight art for your classroom

Acrylic Muse wants to be the resident artist in your classroom!

Check out ” LESSON #9: Shadow & Highlight ” on Teachers Pay Teachers at

And have a great year!


Teachers Pay Teachers Art Space videos are for the absolute art beginner.

LESSON #9: Shadow & Highlight (also known as ‘Painting the Black & White Egg’), shows you how to use shadow and highlight to create depth in your work.

This 8:12 minute video will walk you through the process of carefully observing a subject and translating what you see on to paper.

Includes discussion about the importance of being bold with your paints and illustrates how to transition from dark to lighter colours.

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Lesson Video #5: Painting Foreground & Background

Lesson Video #5: Painting Foreground & Background

Does it make a difference if you paint the background of a painting before you paint the foreground? What if you paint the foreground first?

Experiment with Foreground & Background, as you watch and paint along with this 4 minute, 20 second video at Teachers Pay Teachers, that encourages you to look carefully at an aspect of painting you may have never before considered.

lesson video # 5 painting foreground and background acrylic muse how to paint with acrylics

This Lesson Video presents ideas for homeschoolers, students in grades 7 & up, and teachers who are learning to paint.

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But… I Don’t Know How to Paint / Free Video

But…I Don’t Know How to Paint!

Watch this FREE video on TPT and see if you might change your mind about what you can and can’t do-

Don't Know How to Paint free video teachers pay teachers acrylic muse

“WE don’t expect ourselves to know how to play a piano without lessons, so why do we expect ourselves to know how to paint when we’ve never learned the basic techniques?

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The Painting of a Painting #4 / Rain Fall


Rain Fall / plein air painting / acrylic painting outdoors / how to paint with acrylics / video

The rain stopped for a day; sun in the forest though water on my mind, watching the sky for ominous clouds. 

Filled my water bucket from the stream rushing by- nature, birds & some concern for bears and cougars (you can see the bear spray on my right hip). 

Hours cut-up; edited to 4.58 minutes; plein air painting.

The canvas is 48″ x 48″.


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Breaking the Rules / Video

Breaking the Rules

A short Video / 1 min 25 sec

why do you want to paint video on teachers pay teachers learning art janet bright breaking the rules
It’s easy to get caught up in the dos and don’ts of painting, especially when you’re first learning.
Sometimes just knowing you can (and should) break the rules gives you the freedom to relax and finally get
down to the business of creating.
Watch this 1.24 minute video and know this:
if there’s one thing you absolutely must do this week, it’s Break the Rules!
You can definitely do this. Click here to watch-
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